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During the depression days, on Thursday nights   the whole family could go to the movie for the price of two tickets, probably a dollar. So we always tried to go, and it was great fun for us. See us all lined up on the front seats? The children could hardly sit still. See, Carol is pulling buddy's hair, and Joy is standing up in her seat looking back over the crowd to see if there is someone she knows . I always carried a little box with cookies or candy in it  and a little jar of water to keep them happy during the show. 

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He married in 1924.
 In time, they had eight children:
Five  Girls and Three Boys.


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Trading chickens for shoes and friendly good-byes behind the store, 1935. We loved our customers, and my husband would often barter with them.  The customer would bring in corn, eggs, vegetables or freshly killed beef. They knew the value of the things they brought to trade for merchandise from the store.  See, this man has traded chickens for shoes, and see the woman at the fountain?  She is filling her jugs with drinking water. She lives in the country and does not like the taste of her pump water. 

That is one reason my husband had the water put there when he had the store built, nearly fifty years ago. He wanted our customers, that lived in the country, to use the water any way they wanted to. He called it "The Well of Zinzin."


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This is the first poem I learned in school,
 from my little primer
 when I was very young:

"In the night time
At the right time
So I've understood
'Tis the habit
Of Sir Rabbit
To dance in the woods."

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The lovely bride and handsome groom with their wedding party are standing in front of the beautiful church. This is their special day to remember always.

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The story of America is more wonderful, really, than a  fairy tale from the Arabian Nights. About thirty years before the Mayflower came to America, Sir Walter Raleigh sent a colony of people to Roanoke island, off the coast of North Carolina. The people said it was "the goodliest land under the cape of heaven." Soon their leader, Captain John White, returned to England for supplies. When he arrived in England there was a war going on with Spain. So it was three years before he could return to America. When he did get back, the colony had disappeared. they found the word "Croatan" the name of a friendly Indian tribe, carved on the bark of a tree, Captain White's daughter and granddaughter, Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, were among the missing colonists.

    About three years later the Mayflower anchored at Plymouth Rock. It was tiny and crowded with people who had spent three months crossing the stormy seas. The leaders drew up a plan for self-government called the Mayflower Compact and promised one another to obey the laws. They built  a crude settlement and lived through their first winter in America. Many people in the colony sickened and died, but no one wanted to return to England. In the spring Squanto, a friendly Indian who spoke English, sold the colonists corn and showed them how to plant it, and sold them meat and taught them how to trap game. They set aside a day to give thanks for their blessings. The colonists invited the Indians and the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.

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This is a picture of my husband and me cruising around on the bluebird of happiness. We are looking for the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow, just as all young married folks do. When we found it, it was full of children, not gold! We found our treasure in our children and the golden moments we have shared together.

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This is a picture of the night the last baby came. It was a very important night at our house. There on the left is the doctor  and on the right is my husband and of course , that's me in the bed. The midwife is there with the towel and the pitcher. My sisters are there in the chairs; and in the next room, Mittie tells the children that the stork will bring a new baby before dawn. See the seven little pictures above the bed, and the little empty frame? The new baby's picture will go in that empty

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"Me at sixty-nine-still love everything!"
Grandmothers are very special people. They are indeed "grand."

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I  thought it would be a grand story to tell my children and grandchildren the reason I embroidered this picture. I had just moved into my new studio and was sitting in my yard under a tree, enjoying the beauty of all nature-when suddenly the bees were lulling me to sleep with their humming and they were dancing around me in a most delightful way- so I fell asleep. In my dream I could see the trees smiling and every living creature that lives or travels through my back yard was there to help celebrate this happy occasion. The lightning bugs lit on one tree and suddenly it looked like a Christmas tree. All of the animals were on parade-- giving me a housewarming. Even the man in the moon got so jealous, he got a ladder and came down to join us. "If Cora had not wakened me- I would have slept on forever in this enchanted world."

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On the right side of the picture the dark cloud hovers in the sky and every kind of beast that walks, birds that fly, and crawling animals enter the ark. There was enough food for all on the ark but one little mouse has a bag of cheese tied to his tail.  The doors of the ark closed and it rained for forty days and nights, but the water stayed upon the earth for more than six months. The ark came to rest on Mount Ararat.

The dove that Noah had sent out now returns with a green leaf in its beak and Noah knew that the earth was becoming dry again. The doors of the ark opened and Noah, his wife , their three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives along with the animals, some of which are coming off the ark in threes, are praising god for his mercy, Noah builds and altar and the pretty little pink sheep is walking fast for fear that she will be the offering. The rainbow is God's promise that he will never destroy the earth by flood again.

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Babies most always come two weeks early or two weeks late- rarely on the date you expect them. This the tree where the stork keeps the baby until Mother Nature decides it's time to deliver and then a blessing comes from Heaven.

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"It was a way of life during the depression and helped many families make a living."
A sharecropper is a person who farms land for the owner in return for part of the crops.

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            This baby we named Carol, for she was born on Christmas. Everybody was so happy; there had never been a baby so beautiful! Mittie , however,  declared she would never have anything to do with this one; she was tired of children. But she did, of course, and this baby was her favorite one during the more than twenty years she lived with us.


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The leaves on the tree are like hands-thanking God for his blessings, so everything in the picture is thanking God for his goodness and mercy.